HP Public Cloud — Internal Server Error

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屏幕快照 2014-05-06 上午9.46.21

This is a screen capture taken off my computer on May 06, 2014. The second day this screen shot — along with a detailed explanation — was sent to a couple of folks working at HP Cloud. Today is the first one-year anniversary of this screen capture, and I think it is a good time to tell the story behind it.

In February 2014, my family relocated from China to Australia. As you can imagine, I have a new local bank account with a new bank card, and my old bank card in China gradually expired. I managed to update my payment information with most of the online services that I use. However, with HP Cloud, each and every time I got this unfriendly message when submitting my payment information through the Horizon console. On May 06 2014 I received an email titled “Action Required – Payment Declined” from HP Cloud, which was very frustrating for a customer with the good intention to pay the bill and had tried his best to give the vendor the required payment information. I ended up initiating an online chat session with the HP Cloud support team, and the agent happily updated my payment information and resolved the issue. I understand that there is usually a gap between support and product team, so I took the extra effort to send the screen capture to a couple of  folks with HP Cloud email addresses out of my address book. A director level manager replied to say thank you, and pointed out that the issue had been escalated to public cloud billing.

Since then, I got this “Action Required – Payment Declined” email notification almost every month (but not every month). Each time I got this message, I attempted to update my payment information again, but was greeted with the same “Internal Server Error”. Then I ended up initiating another chat session with the HP Cloud support team, who happily resolved the issue for me.

On April 08 2015, I was in another chat with the HP Cloud support team. I told the agent that I was upset by the situation, and the agent told me that “I’m sorry for the incontinence. Some cards you used are declined by your bank and you get an automatic notice from our system. This is a bank issues.
” I was very unhappy about this accusation – I had tried my best to give HP Cloud my payment information, every month I reminded HP Cloud of the correct payment method, but HP Cloud insisted on using the wrong payment information. So I asked the agent for a transcript of this particular chat. I also told the agent that should this happen again in May, I was going to write a story and publish it to the Internet. The second day, after obtaining approval from the management, the agent sent me the transcript of the chat.

Today, I have a new “Action Required – Payment Declined” message waiting in my inbox. As promised last month, I write down this story, and I will present the story to the next HP Cloud support agent. I hope that he/she will enjoy reading it, and help me resolve the issue I have.